About EasyAsPy

Why I created this website?

About Me

Hi!👋 My name is Ronie Martinez. I am a Python and C/C++ enthusiast working on open-source projects on my free time⌛ since 2013📅. I am currently working as a Senior Software Engineer (Python) here in the Philippines🇵🇭.

My first open-source project is libqpsd📸, a PSD (Photoshop Document) & PSB (Photoshop Big) Plugin for Qt/C++ (Qt4/Qt5). After libqpsd's success, I started writing other libraries for Qt/C++.

When I was introduced to the Python programming language, I started to love it 💖 and made several open-source projects. You can find all my projects on Github

I started writing✍️ blogs about Python programming in order to share my knowledge and experience developing various applications.

My Projects

Human Framework

Human Framework is a test automation framework designed for testers without software programming background by allowing them to write test steps or instructions in their own language like English.

Human Framework uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for intent classification and entity extraction to be able to perform specific actions.

Human Framework is my entry for the Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon.

FreeSearch 💬

FreeSearch is a messaging chatbot🤖 for web searching. I wrote this chatbot🤖 as a response to the original creator's somewhat too expensive 💵 GoGetFunding. Still, hat's off 🎩 to him and his idea💡!

This solves the problem that most mobile📱 users here in the Philippines🇵🇭, particularly students, cannot afford or does not have access to the internet. Luckily, there is Internet.Org which provides free access to Facebook and Messenger. This is because these domains are zero-rated on most mobile carriers🗼 around the world🌏. To read more about FreeSearch visit FreeSearch.me. To use in action visit FreeSearch Facebook page or look for 🔍 "FreeSearch" on Messenger.

FreeSearch is now owned by BeeStripe LLC.

EasyAsPy 🥧

EasyAsPy is my blogging✍️ website where you are right now. The main goal of this site is to teach Python Programming by building real-world applications.

Open-Source Projects



libqpsd📸 is a PSD (Photoshop Document) & PSB (Photoshop Big) Plugin for Qt/C++ (Qt4/Qt5).


latex2mathml➗ is a pure Python library for LaTeX to MathML conversion. You can check the demo here.


DocCron⌛ provides a way to schedule function calls using Crontab syntax on docstrings.

Other libraries

Most of my libraries are hosted on Github.

More about EasyAsPy

EasyAsPy was built using Flask⚗️. Read my first blog, How I Created EasyAsPy from Scratch Using Flask, for more information.

EasyAsPy will not be built without these libraries

Python packages
HTML/CSS/JS libraries

Hire me!!!

I do freelance programming and technical writing from time to time. If you want to discuss a project with me, you can reach me at ronmarti18@gmail.com📧.

You should be able to find buttons to my social accounts below. You can also find my CV at ron.sh.

Looking forward to working with you!